The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) is a national confederation of trade unions as well as a network of professional associations and partners across all sectors in Singapore.

NTUC’s objectives are to help Singapore stay competitive and working people remain employable for life; to enhance the social status and well-being of our members and working people; and to build a strong, responsible and caring labour movement. NTUC’s vision is to be an inclusive labour movement for all collars, ages and nationalities. NTUC is at the heart of the Labour Movement, which comprises 60 affiliated unions, two affiliated associations, 11 social enterprises, six related organisations as well as a growing ecosystem of U Associates and enterprise partners.

At the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), we strive to help working people of all collars, ages and nationalities achieve gainful employment through better jobs, and a better living through higher wages so they can live a better life.

Apart from protecting the rights and advancing the interests of our working people, NTUC also strives to support working families through the various stages of their lives and moderate their cost of living.

Website: https://www.ntuc.org.sg/wps/portal/up2/home