#SPEAKEASYASIA is a series of sharing/networking events aimed at entrepreneurs, corporates, creatives, millennials, SME owners and tech professionals. Featuring a different themed event every edition, #SPEAKEASYASIA will bring influencers from the business and tech scene to share their experiences and insight into innovation and success and how their business models have disrupted their industries.


Who is the target audience of #SPEAKEASYASIA?

#SPEAKEASYASIA is aimed at anyone who is passionate about all things digital and business and aspires to excel in their space: be it entrepreneurs, SME owners, corporates or marketing enthusiasts. We’ve seen a wide range of people attend our events, including: people from Google, multi-nationals, publishers, SME owners, university students and many others.


Why would I be interested in being a part of #SPEAKEASYASIA?

#SPEAKEASYASIA provides leading minds with an avenue to showcase their best practices, have interactive discussions and simply just speak up and share with our audience. Whether it is on the stage with a microphone or on the ground having a personal chat, #SPEAKEASYASIA is a great opportunity to pick each other’s brains and discover opportunities.




What is the event format like?

Our events are held in the evening and generally flows in this manner:

6:00pm-7:00pm :  Registration, Dinner, and Networking

7:00pm-8:15pm  : Introduction of theme and speakers followed by 15-minute presentation by each speaker

8:15pm-8:45pm  :  30 min panel discussion led by our host and questions from the floor

8:45pm till late    :  Networking and Drinks!

All speakers should arrive half an hour before the talk starts to ensure that we are able to start on time. A more detailed schedule will be fixed and sent out to all speakers before the event.




Regarding the discussion topic, is there anything specific I should prepare for?

We will set a topic for discussion and will inform you about it in advance. An example could be “Traffic & Lead Generation. At #SPEAKEASYASIA, we want your company’s interpretation of the subject and will leave it up to you to decide which is the most important aspect of it to your business. Remember, it is a short 15-min sharing session, so pick out an amazing story about a turning point for your company and the lessons people can learn from that. Some examples could be sharing about the company’s best practices, case studies, mistakes to avoid or strategies.


As a speaker, what is required of me?

Some slides would be great to complement your presentation and help tell the story better. We would appreciate it if slides could be passed to us three days before the event. If you decide to go the extra mile and sign up as our Sponsor (details below) and are bringing down extra collateral like banners, we will arrange before hand about the setup procedure. Other than that, just come down, bring some of your friends or colleagues who are keen to share about your brand (up to 5) and have a great time!




Be a #SPEAKEASYASIA partner (Sponsorship)

At #SPEAKEASYASIA, we want everyone to be relaxed and be able to speak their mind. We have an amazing opportunity for you to engage the audience even more! We are looking for sponsors for the night. If you’re keen on chipping into help make #SPEAKEASYASIA even more awesome, you can contribute any amount to help get the party started. Of course, there will be great benefits such as:

  • Company Banner (Bring your banner down and set it up at the event)
  • Extra mentions by our host for being the evening’s Sponsor
  • Extra specialized content about your company on our EDM, Social Media, Event Pages done up by 2 Stallions Digital Marketing Agency
  • Winning the adoration of our attendees! (who doesn’t love the guys who sponsors the event)